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Posted by: Nivesh Jaiswal Posted:5 hours from now

Bad credit is the result of your poor finance management. It could be due to past dues, negative accounts, or errors in your credit report. it is difficult to get a credit card with a bad credit and it won’t improve your bad credit any way.

Posted by: Mahesh Kumar Posted:5 hours from now

Getting a new credit card will not fix your bad credit score in anyway and with a bad credit score, it is difficult to get a credit card from the lenders. However, if you still want to get hold of a credit card, you can get a secured credit card against your fixed deposit.

Posted by: Dillibabu Adusumilli Posted:5 hours from now

Credit score of 575 is considered a not the best score when it comes to get loans from the banks. However, as home loans are secured loans, you are likely to get it approved with unfavourable terms and conditions. The interest rate may be higher with a low credit score.

Posted by: BASAVA NAGARAJU Posted:5 hours from now

It is hard to determine how much time it will take to improve your credit score without knowing your current credit standing.

Posted by: Srisailam Nutan prabhakar Posted:5 hours from now

Having any score above 750 is a good one that can open window of loan and credit score offers. With the excellent credit score of 815, you can get loans at better terms. This score is a sign of good credit behaviour and lenders prefer customers like you.

Posted by: Aryan Srivastava Posted:4 hours from now

The interest rate set on your loans is mostly depended on the monetary policies of the of central bank. Keeping a check on the demand and supply, the rates are adjusted to ensure stable prices and liquidity.

Posted by: Ankur Omar Posted:4 hours from now

Checking your credit score or getting your credit report does not affect your credit score in any way. You can get your credit report from credit bureaus once in a year for free.

Posted by: muthu muthu Posted:4 hours from now

Getting a perfect 900 credit score will demand a huge financial discipline and above all time and patience. Any score above 750 is a good one and opens window of loan and credit card offers. To obtain a score anywhere above 800, you may have to follow the steps given below.

Posted by: JAI NARAYAN SINGH Posted:4 hours from now

You can upgrade your existing house with a home improvement loan given by a bank. Since you have bad credit, it could be little difficult for you to get a home improvement loan. However, you can find a lender who would offer you a loan. But the rate of interest could be slightly higher than you expected as you have a bad credit.

Posted by: ameerulla khan Posted:4 hours from now

Ideally speaking, it is all in your hands to improve your credit score as it requires a certain good financial behaviour. You will not have a credit score if you have not taken a loan or used a credit card so far. In case you have a bad credit score, you can always improve it by clearing the past negative issues or paying the bills and loans consistently.

Posted by: Ashok Biswal Posted:4 hours from now

Individuals with bad credit can get a home equity loan from most of the banks. But the terms may not be favourable to you as you have a bad credit. You can get up to 70 to 80% of the loan to the value of your home. The interest rate may be slightly higher for you with bad credit.

Posted by: VINOD KUMAR Posted:3 days ago

A lot of factors constitute a good credit score. Increasing your credit score from 600 to 700 takes a considerable time, good mix of credit and above all consistent repayment of your loan and credit card bills. You can follow some of the steps mentioned below to increase your credit score considerably.

Posted by: Vineet Arvirai Posted:3 days ago

Credit score is calculated based on different components. To improve your credit score from 650 to 700, you need to maintain good credit behaviour and meticulous execution of your credit activities. The following tips can help you increase your credit score substantially.

Posted by: harneet nijjar Posted:3 days ago

Student loan repayment is usually higher due to the underlying risks involved in the product. Unlike home loans and auto loans, student loan is an unsecured loan that is repaid only after you complete your studies and get a job.

Posted by: Vishwass Savargaonkar Posted:3 days ago

Your loan could be rejected due to several factors. Following are some of the reasons that could have affected your loan approval.

Posted by: Hemraj Thakur Posted:3 days ago

Any score above 800 is a good credit score and it is a clear proof to the lenders that you are responsible with your credit. By improving your credit score above 800 will get you good offers on loans and credit cards.

Posted by: Parvez Basha Posted:3 days ago

Banks, NBFCs and P2P lenders provide legitimate loans to individuals with bad credit. Different lenders have different criteria to give out loans for bad credit. With online application process, it has become much easier to get legitimate loans.

Posted by: Ankit Maheshwari Posted:3 days ago

When you have a bad credit score, a collateral loan could be an easy option to get funds for your immediate needs. Most lenders are willing to give collateral loans even with bad credit as these are secured loans.

Posted by: Manmohan Maur Posted:1 week ago

Getting fast cash loan with poor credit won’t be a problem. There are several NBFCs and online lenders who may not be as keen on a credit score but their terms might not come at agreeable rates.

Posted by: Ganesh More Posted:1 week ago

To improve your credit score, first you need to get your credit report and get to know where you stand. If you have a low credit score with negative accounts, it would probably take more than a month as you need you clear them and banks have to report it to the credit bureaus to get it updated on your credit report.

Posted by: Deepesh Saini Posted:1 week ago

Improving your credit score does not happen overnight, a credit score represents the history on your past borrowings and improving it happens only with consistent payments on monthly EMIs, taking action on your past loan balances and not missing any payments.

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