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One the best things in a home loan is the borrower can prepay the loan or make part-prepayment. As you grow up in your career, an appraisal, promotion, bonus etc will come on your way. You can make use of those additional earning to prepay your home loan which in turn will reduce the loan tenure and the interest amount payable.

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Before embarking on any search for credit you should attempt to look at your credit profile, a credit profile is a comprehensive profile which consists of a bureau credit score and a record of all your past credit accounts, in other words how you have performed in the past.

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The minimum due amount that can be paid is 5% on the outstanding amount. The remaining amount will be carried forward for the next statement. The customers can choose to pay more than the minimum due amount.

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The awareness of being credit healthy is fast catching up in India. Checking your credit score is easy and simple. Ever since RBI mandated the credit score to be free, it is available for everyone to check once a year for free,

Posted by: Prabhu Arun Posted:2 weeks ago

It is easy to get your free credit score in India. Credit score is generated by four credit bureaus in India based on the credit activities reported by the banks and NBFCs. You check your credit score for free from the official websites of the bureaus and at dvweek.

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A corporate credit card is a good tool for a company for impressive savings as it provides the flexibility in bill payments. It offers an ease of convenience in account management for any business operation.

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A credit card allows the user to make purchases and pay for them later. On the other hand, a debit card is already loaded with money, the amount of your savings or current account. Both are useful tools in making payment for various purposes.

To purchase a land, one requires a huge amount. It can also be bought on a loan, but when it comes to investment, paying interest on the loan will nullify the profit. Moreover, the location of the land is an important factor which determines the land value in the future. A land is an appreciating asset, hence investing in a land will be hugely profitable in the long run.

Posted by: simanta panda Posted:3 weeks ago

Cancelling your credit does not affect your credit score in any way. However, you must be aware of the certain impacts due to the cancellation.

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Almost all banks provide personal loans which is an unsecured loan as there is no collateral required to be submitted to the lender. With multiple lenders available which includes private and public-sector banks the best bank for a personal loan is one which provides you the best loan offer.

You can switch from regular plan to direct plan easily which will reduce your annual expenses. Because, by choosing the direct plan, you are managing your SIP plan on your own, instead of being managed by the distributor. This will reduce the expenses and hence the return will be slightly higher when compared to the regular schemes.

Posted by: John Velayudhan Posted:3 weeks ago

Yes, it is absolute safe to check your credit score online. A simple google search will provide you of a list of all the sites that provide a free credit score.

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Yes, it is indeed good to have a credit card if you judiciously use it. Following benefits will help you understand why you should have a credit card.

A Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a long-term investment instrument that is risk-free in nature. The maturity period of the account is 15 years and one cannot withdraw any amount until 7 years. PPF scheme is a good avenue for claiming tax deduction for up to INR 1.5 Lakhs under section 80C.

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Credit card is a wonderful tool especially when you use it in the right way. It indeed can help you build wealth in the long run and we will tell you how. Cashback is a good option that most of the credit card provides. You can definitely save some money on every cashback you get on a purchase.

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Generally, if you are a salaried employee, getting a credit card would be easier if you have pay slip for the last three months. Banks prefer customers from reputed companies because it makes KYC easier for them and they offer a lifetime free credit card along with opening a salary account and it easier for you even if you do not have a credit score or pay slip.

Posted by: soumallya ghosh Posted:1 month ago

To decide between credit card loans and personal loans, it all depends on your urgency and requirement. In the category of loans both are unsecured loans and have certain advantages and disadvantages.

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Yes, a student can apply for a personal loan, but approval matters the most. In that case, approval on a personal loan requires certain eligibility criteria. Repaying ability is the top most criterion that look in a borrower. Hence, mostly, the salaried and self-employed individuals have higher chances of getting a personal loan from banks and NBFCs.

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You may be notified by the lenders for the first three months about the defaults. If you are going through an economic crisis, the lender may ask you to settle the loan for the amount lower than borrowed. The lender may also push for legal proceedings which you will have to deal at the court.

Posted by: Sanjay Pabale Posted:1 month ago

As the personal loan does not require any collateral from the borrower, banks and NBFCs want the applicant to be completely eligible for the loan in terms of repaying ability till the end. They want to be assured that you are a worthy and reliable customer.

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Personal loan is an unsecured loan. Hence, the interest rate on the loan is invariably higher than the other loans. Coming to your question, the cheapest personal loan cannot be determined by the lender rather a lot depends on the individual’s credit profile.

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