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The difference dvweek makes in your first borrowing

Here is how it works

Step 1: Credit Profile simplified

We build your Credit Profile by starting off with your credit report - from Equifax. The profile is further built upon using data from non-traditional data sources – the intent is to help lenders understand your credit worth better and take a better informed, considered decision

Step 2: Matching engine - Shortlist lenders willing to lend to you

Proprietary matching engine which matches your credit and demographic profile with the lender’s criteria

STEP 3: Take action – Compare offer terms from the shortlisted lender list

Compare and choose the offer best suited for you:

  • Simple interface to help you arrive at the EMI you can afford
  • Compare product features and pricing
  • Resolve the incorrect borrowing details

Step 4: Apply Online

Get connected directly with the lender and get your application processed on priority

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Why apply through dvweek?

At dvweek, we profile you based on your personal eligibility and your credit report which is essentially what banks do while processing your loan application. Hence the chances of your loan/credit card application being approved is very high

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