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4 Ways to Make Your Own Budget In 2018

With so much talk around the union budget, which is by itself a humongous exercise where the government plans for the next financial year. An ordinary man also needs a budget to go through each day, month and year to save money to safeguard his/her future. On this note we decided to compile a list of ways by which an individual can improve their finances.

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How to Get the Cheapest Home Loans?

A decade ago, for an individual to buy a house was considered a great achievement. Today, the scenario has changed with the arrival of multiple Housing Finance Companies. Applying for home loans have become much easier with online options which have simplified the application process.

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How safe is it to reveal your bank account number?

The banking sector has embraced digitalization which come with its share of misgivings. Do not think that is an episode of Black Mirror but there is a serious risk to how we share data online especially how we financial information.

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MCLR vs Base Rates

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked all banks and NBFCs to move to MCLR based interest rate instead of base rate which was followed before. All new loans on or after April 1st, 2016 will be sanctioned based on MCLR rates.

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Will a parent's bad credit score affect the student's eligibility for student loans?

Education is one of the greatest gift a parent can bestow upon their children. As the saying goes “Buy a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” If you give a child the proper education, you set them up for life.

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4 Best Alternatives to Savings Account to Get Better Returns

Little drops make a mighty ocean. From childhood we have been taught to save for the future. Opening a savings account has become a necessity once you cross 18 years of age to manage your own finances. However, there are other high yielding instruments that you do not want to overlook as an alternative option to savings account.

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How Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Can Get Access to Funds?

Technology has reached every nook and corner and it has made a prominent impact on every business. Over 80 million people in India are employed in Small and Medium Enterprises contributing a major portion in country’s GDP.

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10 Reasons Why Your Credit Card Application Was Rejected Even With Good Credit Score

There are very few things in life that are as painful as rejections. Imagine a rejection on your credit card application, it may not be to the level of life’s great rejections but nevertheless irritating, especially when you have a good credit score?

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“No collateral” loans for starting your new business

Everybody at one point in time, dream of running their own business and not working under someone, become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but only a few try to live that dream. This is because starting a business is scary and risky. You are venturing into the unknown with just your business plan and your trust in it.

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5 Best Cashback Credit Cards 2018

Spending becomes a joyful experience when you can gain from what you spend. To make that happen, credit cards could be the only option for you. Some of the popular banks in India offer cash back rewards which can be accumulated and later result in a lot of savings on your monthly bills.

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Savings Account Vs Current Account

The habit of saving was evident throughout the history of mankind as we read that people stored grains, precious metals and weapons in temples and palaces in the earliest civilisations. In the current scenario, banks have become the commercial centres that help people save their earnings.

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The Future of Lending: Paperless Loans

Following the buzz of ‘Go Cashless’, ‘Go Paperless’ has become the next popular catchphrase. When realized it should bring about a reduction in processing time and effort in the lending system. Both banks and NBFCs have adapted to smarter banking methods through digital transition.

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Business Credit Health Check, Its Importance and Benefits

A credit report gives a snapshot of an individual’s credit accounts, repayment history and various other financial dealings. The credit score is calculated based on the above factors. Creditors check the credit score before taking a decision to extend credit to their customers.

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How Can You Get a Two-Wheeler Loan with Bad Credit?

Owning a two-wheeler gives a lot of comfort to commute from one place to another especially in busy metro cities where travelling in public transport could turn out be quite a nightmare. Hence, a two-wheeler has become an indispensable object for a convenient transport.

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What To Do If Your Credit Card Charge Is The Wrong Amount?

Credit cards make your life easy in many ways, there is one situation that spoils the experience. This is the situation where your bill statement is wrong. This is a very common occurrence where each year hundreds of customers face this problem where instances of wrong credit card statements create stress and sleepless nights for the card holders.

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How to do a Home Loan Balance Transfers

The prices of homes in India have sky rocketed in the last decade, to the level that it is almost impossible for individuals to buy a home with just their savings. Even the slight chance of possibility comes with compromise made on location or space.

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HDFC Car Loan at Lowest Interest Rate

As kids we have all loved cars. We would have at one point of time played or imagined us driving cars or racing against friends. As we grow older that dream of owning your own car is carried on in our minds.

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4 Ways Taking a Joint Home Loan Can Save You Lakhs

Buying a home is a major decision for any person. A lot of thought goes behind such a big purchase decision of the home.

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Things You Must Know While Closing a Personal Loan

A personal loan can be an immediate help for any urgent need. However, a personal loan generally comes with a high rate of interest as it is an unsecured loan.

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4 Things to do When You Cannot Pay Your EMIs

Gone are days when taking a loan or asking for credit was a cumbersome process, loans provide for financial needs which individuals are not able to meet on their own.

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