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A Guide to Choose The Best Credit Card

There are hundreds of credit cards available in the market each catering to different needs of individuals. This definitely confuses credit card aspirants on what could be the best card for anyone. We at Credit Mantri have put out this simple guide which you can use to select the best credit card to suit your needs.

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How Can Credit Card Debts Prove Risky?

While the utility of credit cards has been proven time and again, it is very easy for someone to use a credit card recklessly and land up in unsavory conditions. Credit card usage can become more expensive than you think when you continuously pay the minimum due amount or default on the bills. Eventually, it could carry the highest rate of interest when compared to other credit instruments.   

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Does checking your credit score often brings it down?

Are you among those who check for updates on your WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media account often? This often becomes obsessive. Going along the same lines, Ankush Tiwari, an architect from Hyderabad loved checking his credit score. He was happy that he did not have to pay for the scores anymore and checked his credit score online

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Why Your Credit Score Is Important to your Financial Future

A good credit score is indispensable for availing any kind of credit these days. Without credit, it would be difficult to own many of the assets like a vehicle or a home or sail through difficult situations with a personal loan or attain that higher qualification from a university of your choice. We all require credit in one or the other form in life.  

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Top 10 Things to Know About Buying A Second Home

Real estate as an avenue of investment always holds its own charm. Many individuals look beyond owning a home for varied reasons such as owning a second home in home towns or in places of work, as a vacation home or for renting it out

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Is Credit Score Affecting the Quality Of Your Life?

For many of us, credit score may seem like a nonconsequential thing. There are some of us who have not even heard of credit scores and there are some who know something about credit scores but do not think it is important enough. For all those and many others who think that credit score is not important, we beg to differ.  

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Five Habits Highly Effective Credit Card Users Have in Common

Credit cards are wonderful financial instruments that are very helpful not only while making transactions for payments but also come across as effective tools for short-term credit. However, if not used properly, credit cards turn into the most expensive financial tool to possess.  

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Best Credit Cards for Business Travel

Credit cards are so convenient for payments for anyone. While individuals look for points and other such benefits from owning a credit card, while the requirements of a business card are different.  A business establishment may have frequent travel and entertaining requirements. Credit cards may also be given to company employees and be paid by the business. The uses may be numerous, but travel and stay are one of the major uses of a credit card for businesses. 

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5 Things To Consider Before You Re-Apply For A Personal Loan

A personal loan could be utilized for a host of reasons like a medical emergency, an unplanned vacation, funding a down payment for a bigger asset, buying a gadget or anything at all. This is the only loan which requires no collateral and the usage could be for any purpose.  

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Do I Have a Bad Credit Score? What Is Considered Bad Credit Score?

Do you remember when you checked your credit score for the first time? It must have been a joyous feeling of getting introduced to the credit world. Since checking your credit score, everyone would have a determined mind to increase the credit score. But over the period, things could have turned bad and a financial crunch would have been unavoidable.

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How does a Joint Home Loan work to your Advantage?

Abha and Rajesh are a working couple based out of Mumbai and were on the lookout for a house to buy. Their workplaces were close to the Central Business District, hence they preferred an apartment close by. After a lot of searching and research around the area, they found an apartment costing Rs 95lakhs with great amenities. The next step, Rajesh approached his bank for a home loan.

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The dvweek guide to personal loans

If you are planning to take a personal loan for your marriage or taking a vacation or paying for home down payment and any other reason, then this article will be of immense help to you before you avail the loan. A personal loan as you can see is a multipurpose loan that can be used for any purpose and is very useful during a cash crunch. It is one loan for all your needs. 

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The dvweek Guide to Business Loans

We live in the era of startups. Individuals are turning entrepreneurs with wonderful business ideas. However, any business needs cash to grow and build operations. There are various types of funding available to a business which could include private equity, venture capital funding, crowd-funding, self-funding, overdrafts, and loans.  

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Are you eligible for a Home Loan Subsidy?

Housing for all Indians by 2022 is one of the commitments of the given by the government. To this effect, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) was launched in 2015 with the aim of making housing affordable for the Urban Poor. 

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Your guide to Post Office Savings Schemes

India is a vast country and in spite of all the efforts banking has not reached all corners of the country. At the same time, post offices or the India Post has spread its wings far and wide. There were close to 1,55,000  post offices, the largest number in the world as of 2014. These post offices not only pave way for communication for the people but also act as an avenue for holding savings schemes.

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Personal Loans vs Credit Card: What Should You Use When Faced with Multiple Choices and in Immediate Need of Cash

Cash crunch is a problem that you can come across at any given point in time. Most of the times, such scarcity of the required amount of money makes people unable to achieve specific targets in the form of buying a house or a car, pursuing higher education, making some purchases or meeting some immediate financial requirements.

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More Than One Personal Loan, Is It Possible?

Sometimes, a single loan may not be adequate to meet a personal need, hence you might be thinking of applying for a new loan from another lender. Besides debating on whether it is right or not to go for a second loan, you must analyse the factors that constitute your eligibility in obtaining the second personal loan. 

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How Much Can You Save on a Home Balance Transfer?

Home loan balance transfer is the process of transferring your existing home loan to another lender for better services and low interest rates. The details of Mahesh’s outstanding home loan with the existing lender are as follows 

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Do Companies Have Credit Scores?

As individuals, we need credit scores for obtaining any kind of credit. Have you ever wondered if the same applies to companies as well? There are many companies in the market who keep issuing bonds, debentures, accept fixed deposits and another kind of financial instruments.

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How do Home Loan Calculators help you?

Owning a home is a dream come true for many of us. Socially and culturally too, we consider owning a home as a symbol of being successful. Whatever be the reason, owning a home brings in lots of joy and also with it, comes the hassles of a getting a home loan. When going in for a home loan, there are a lot of factors to be considered like your eligibility, the down payment amount required, tenure of the loan, interest rate, the EMIs and of course your credit score. 

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How is a Home Loan Different from Land Loan?

From the POV of a buyer, both buying a piece of land and buying house could be the same. But to a bank or an NBFC they are 2 different entities. Though the process, documentation and loan criteria are same there are some intrinsic difference that you need to be aware of. 

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